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 Here are some recommended books on the management of a medical office, starting a medical office, and starting cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical clinics:

1. "Medical Office Management: Developing and Managing Systems with High-Quality Customer Service" by Marcia S. Buchwalter

2. "Medical Practice Management Handbook" by Denis L. Palmer and Peter D. Lucash

3. "The Medical Practice Start-Up Guide" by Marc D. Halley

4. "The Complete Medical Practice Start-Up Guide" by William S. Morrill

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5. "Medical Spa Management: A Comprehensive Guide" by Shari Zucker and Christa Brousseau

6. "Starting and Managing Your Own Physical Therapy Practice" by Samuel H. Esterson

7. "Starting and Managing a Nonprofit Organization: A Legal Guide" by Bruce R. Hopkins

8. "The Smart Business Guide to Health Care Solutions: Successful Strategies for Medical Practice Owners" by Wesley Gilbride

9. "Starting a Medical Practice: The Physician's Handbook for Successful Practice Start-Up" by Jeffry G. Weiss

10. "Cosmetic Clinic Marketing in the Digital Age: The Ultimate Guide to Attracting New Patients Online" by Shereene Idriss

These books cover various aspects of managing a medical office, starting a medical practice, and launching cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical clinics. They provide valuable insights, guidance, and practical tips for success in these specialized fields.